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Cellular Booster Components

  • WeBoost Low Profile Inside Antenna WeBoost Low Profile Inside Antenna

    WeBoost Low Profile Inside Antenna

    This low profile antenna is the replacement antenna in the 4G-X cellular boosting kit. It is also a great addition to the 4G-X RV kit, as it allows you to move the kit from the RV to the car or truck without moving all of the components. www.P65Warnings...

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  • WeBoost 4GX-OTR Antenna WeBoost 4GX-OTR Antenna Package

    WeBoost 4GX-OTR Antenna - Truck Edition

    The OTR Antenna can be used with any of our Weboost Cellular Boosting 4G-X systems. The OTR antenna is more powerful than the mini-magnetic antenna that comes with the 4G-X kit so many customers like to add this to their set-up. This is designed to be...

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  • Desktop Antenna For Weboost

    WeBoost Desktop Antenna

    This desktop inside antenna is a great addition to the Drive 4G-M or Drive 4G-X. The 4G Drive kits come with the smaller flat bar inside antenna. By adding this desktop antenna as a replacement of the smaller flat bar that comes with these kits you will...

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